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Aeon Hearing

Aeon Hearing


About Us

You are resourceful, independent, and active, but lately, you've been feeling left out of the conversation. You don't enjoy movies and music like you did before. You're tired of saying "What?"

Hearing loss causes you social and emotional stress. We can help you get back to hearing and feeling like yourself again!

We are a compassionate hearing healthcare solution-focused practice that promotes inclusivity and equal access to hearing healthcare for adults.

How can we help you?

We offer free hearing examinations and insurance consultations to ensure that you have the opportunity to receive essential hearing healthcare services. In recognizing the disparities that exist in accessing quality hearing healthcare services, we are committed to breaking down barriers to your hearing health.

Free hearing examinations enable you to identify your potential hearing issues early on, helping you address any hearing-related challenges that may affect your daily life.

Aeon Hearing offers you free insurance consultations and financial guidance. Navigating insurance options can be complex, especially if you have limited resources. Aeon Hearing can ensure that you clearly understand your insurance hearing benefits so you can access them without undue financial burden.

For people you know outside of the local area, Aeon Hearing can provide them with insurance and financial information by phone and email so they can obtain reputable and affordable hearing care within their community.

We have redefined the hearing aid experience with you in mind.


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