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Service Learning Development


Non-Profit OrganizationHarbor Country Life

About Us

Service Learning Development, working in partnership with Neighbor by Neighbor (, seeks to engage Harbor Country businesses and local residents in serving our neighbors hardest hit by poverty.

In the near term, nearly half of households in Berrien County struggle to provide for their families' most critical needs, and the financial aid available to them can help but is insufficient in lifting them out of their current situation. In the longer term, finding financially sustainable employment in our rural, resort community is an ongoing problem. Most of those we serve want desperately to be financially independent but simply can't do it alone. They need the support and encouragement from caring neighbors to help them set a new course for their life that frees them from their financial burdens.

If you have a desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself and looking for an opportunity to invest your time, talent or treasure that will restore hope in people's lives, please come join us. It promises to make an impact on your life and transform our Harbor Country community!


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